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Property Management

Property Management

A service that helps landlords manage their rental properties and ensure that tenants are following the terms of their rental agreements.
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Home Staging

A service that helps homeowners prepare their homes for sale by helping them stage their property in order to maximize its appeal to potential buyers.
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Home Appraisal

A service that provides an estimate of a home’s value based on market conditions, property characteristics and other factors.
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 WEST Croydon 

We are pleased to offer this successful, long running hair salon in the centre of West Croydon, Elizabeth Street.
Since 2021, this hair salon has provided high-quality stylist services. An ideal business opportunity for an owner-operator who enjoys giving clients a sense of complete satisfaction. One of the few lines of work that is consistently profitable and fulfilling for both the individual and the client.
Salon space: $2,340/month + OUTGOINGS
TAKE OVER NOW AND MAKE $$$ with little investment
The Western Suburbs' greatest street, surrounded by coffeeshops and happy people.
Dont hesitate; opportunities like this don't last long. Get in touch with Bravo Property SA.

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Real Estate FAQs

What is the process of buying a property?

Buying a property involves finding a suitable property, making an offer, conducting inspections, securing finance, and settling the purchase.

What services do real estate agents offer?

Real estate agents offer services such as property valuation, marketing, negotiations, contract management, and facilitating property inspections.

How can I sell my property with a real estate agent?

To sell your property with a real estate agent, you will need to engage their services, set a price, prepare the property, and sign a sales agreement.